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    Dollar Tree Update

    October 16th, 2012

    My Dollar Tree has Jingos by pepperidge farm right now. These are normally $3 a box. I had $1 off printable coupons….so 4 free boxes!!!!


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    Minnie Mouse DIY invitations

    September 24th, 2012

    My nine, almost ten year old daughter decided she wants a Minnie Mouse party. We found really cute cupcakes and decorations on Pinterest. She loves Disney and polka dots, so this party will be perfect for her sleepover. We could not find any invitations we liked. I decided to come up with my own design. We headed out to Michael’s to pick up a few needed supplies.

    I bought 4 items:

    1) red polka dot ribbon $2.99 but used a %40 off coupon
    2) pack of black scrapbooking paper (50 pages) on sale for $2.50
    3) Gartner red cardstock invitation (10 pack) $1.79
    4) Gartner red matching envelopes (10 pack) $1.99

    I then went to the website on the invitations to get the template to print my own….simple. It only took me a few minutes. I then printed them. I took the black paper and my old scrapping circle cutters. I picked 2 different sizes and started cutting. I used scrapbooking adhesive to adhere the circles together and to the invitation.

    I then took the ribbon and made a small bow to adhere to Minnie’s head. The outcome was really cute. I also have a lot of black paper and ribbon to use for goody bags and other decorations.

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    Pinterest success or fail?

    September 24th, 2012


    1) I attempted to make this Pinterest meal. How did it turn out?……….We loved it. I have made it twice now. It is so simple. You just add boneless chicken breast, cut up potatoes, and canned green beans. You sprinkle good seasonings dry Italian dressing over it and then 1 stick of melted butter. Cover with foil and bake 1 hour at 350 degrees. Tastes great and really simple.

    2)I tried this yummy baked cabbage tonight. It was very good. Unfortunately my kids and husband aren’t as fond of cabbage as me. The recipe is here. I will definitely make this again.

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    10 things that make me smile today

    September 14th, 2012

    We can all get discouraged with things in our life and I’m guilty. I am trying to be thankful instead when I get those negative thoughts. It’s all about perspective. So today I am posting about things in my life the last couple of weeks that make me smile.

    1) it is Friday and it’s girls night out tonight with 3 close friends. We are taking my friends new convertible vw bug to the beach for dinner.

    2) it’s fall and I love baking. This is home made banana bread. Yum!!!

    3) I am in a deep cleaning and organizing mood. I am bad about cleaning under my bed but I took a Saturday and moved everything to deep clean under my bed.

    4) we changed the kids bathroom decor . Abby and I love the new look but the boys are not as thrilled.

    5) Just started using this and it’s good.

    6) Jim started playing volleyball for our church. They are fun to watch.

    7) Drew got new glasses and he looks so cute.

    8) Avery is in the worship band at youth church. I am proud of this boy.

    9) this is bad but Publix had the Magnum ice cream bars bogo and I had coupons.

    10) Drew started playing upward soccer last week. He has never been interested in playing any sport. This is the first time he has every had any interest.


    I am thankful for my sweet daughter too but all my pics seemed to be about the boys.

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    My 1st time using coupons at Dollar Tree

    September 3rd, 2012

    Dollar Tree’s starting accepting coupons about a week ago. I was waiting a few days so all the problems might get worked out. I guess my plan worked because I had no problems at all. I got all this for just $1.35.


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    Great trip to Publix

    August 31st, 2012

    I did great tonight. I spent $58.75, but I saved $125.39!!! I am happy.


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    School Bells are ringing

    August 31st, 2012

    We are all settled back in school. I can’t believe I have 9th grader……high school. How is that possible? Just seems like yesterday…. he goes to a theatre/performing high school. I am very proud of him.

    The twins started 4th grade. I wish I could suspend time sometimes.

    I wouldn’t be complete without a backpack shot.

    D got new glasses to start school. He only wears them to read up close.

    The twins are both into Vans skate shoes right now…..well to be truthful, Abby loves all shoes.

    More fashion

    Soccer has started for D

    and Tumble for A

    We are busy, but I hope to be documenting our lives more often on here :)


    I actually made something I pinned on Pinterest

    August 27th, 2012

    I love Pinterest, but I am not as good at following thru and completing things. Me and my kids love the chicken gnocchi soup at Olive Garden so I decided to try and make it at home. I was at the Dollar Tree and I saw these

    the soup turned out very good and even good my kids seal of approval.

    If you are interested, this is a link to the recipe.

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    So glad it’s Saturday

    July 14th, 2012

    My hubby is in a softball tournament today. It is 11:00am and we are already on game # 2.

    I got this t-shirt I have been eyeing on Pinterest for a while. I love it. My kids know this is true. I always have my Nikon or iPhone close at hand.

    We also got a new van last night. It is a new to us Honda Odyessy. The kids love it.


    We are on our way to
    Zane’s birthday party next.

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    We love free Chicken: Chickfila Cow Appreciaiton Day

    July 13th, 2012

    We love free chicken. This is our second year participating in the Cow Appreciation at Chick fil a.

    We went to Chick fil a for dinner about 5:30. We were hoping to beat the long lines and it worked.

    We ran into some of our friends from church and got to hang out with them.

    3 or 4 of the employees working tonight go to our church. Daniel ate with us. He is in Master’s Commission at our church. He is a great guy.

    Mykenna and daddy sharing some love.

    This is what our cow costumes looked like.

    Drew is not impressed with my idea…lol. He changed his clothes at Chichk fil a as soon as we ordered. Avery just got home from a week at youth camp and was too tired to go.

    Got some great ideas for even better costumes next year. Half of the fun is making the costumes. We saved $32.00 tonight on all our food. Thank you Chic fil a for being such a family friendly company.